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Our Products

ODM5 – Plant Mobile Data Management & Decision Support System

Field information and mobile workforce are vital. It helps plant make better and informed decisions about plant maintenance and operations. Do you have the right tools to manage your mobile/offline field data and mobile workforce? Learn and explore how ODM system can provide a customizable solution to manage all mobile data and translate it into INFORMATION

Explosion Proof & Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computing Devices

We supply market-leading explosion proof and intrinsically safe mobile computing devices, which is rugged and safe to be used in hazardous environment.

Plant Factory Automation:

  • Human Machine Interface, Real-Time Data Monitoring, Data Logger, Data Analysis & Reporting.
  • Automated Weighing Process Data Capturing, Formulation Recipe & Batch management

HTLogger- Data Logging Software for Stability Chambers

A realtime data logging software for temperature and humidity process parameters for critical equipment such as Stability Chamber and Blood Storage Center.

Advansoft-DMS : Delivery Management System

Advansoft-DMS is an internet based solution for warehouse, courier company, transporter or basically any company that requires systematic management of their transport/vehicle in delivery and enables track & trace of their delivery, either for the company themselves or even to the customer/shipper/consignee.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

With the support from Virtualware Group from Spain, Advansoft is offering the Augmented and Virtual reality software solution, particularly for industrial application, such as asset location and maintenance, and immersive experience for industrial training.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality overlays digital content on to the real world view, including videos, photos, 3D models and audio which can add a greater impact to interactive projects. The possibilities that this technology offers are limitless and Virtualware has great expertise and experience in developing AR solutions for Web, Mobile, Tablets and other interactive formats.